This is the sale section. You will found ere our foal or Andalusian of some people we know. We usually only advertise purebred Andalusian and Half-Andalusian horses, but sometime you might see other breed.

If you are looking for Iberian horse and can’t find it here, just e-mail and we will assist you with pleasure.

Congratulation to Katrine Desmarais for acquiring Elegancia de Noblebarroca. We are honored to be able to fullfil the dream of Katrine to have her own Iberian horse.

Congratulation to Celine and Ricardo for their purchase of Amalia de Noblebarroca

Because they work with the bests in the field of the haute-ecole, we expect lots of great things with this filly.

For Sale :  Isabella de Noblebarroca

Probably the best filly we got from Othello and Almendra. She’s born in June 2009. She should reach 15.3 and will be grey (but with the color and rabicano gene of Othello). Due to personnal circumstanses, I’m offring Isabella way under the average price for a pure andalusian filly, but only for a good home, contact me for more infirmation.

Isabella at 1 month

For Sale : King’s ransom Devante

3 years old, chestnut (rare), Andalusian colt. He is one of the best Othello’s colt ever produce. He is owned by King Ransom in Ontario (North of Toronto). If you would like more information you can e-mail me or Frank at: . Pictures in the Galery section.

King’s Ransom Allegro

4 years old grey stallion. 15.3hh, should mature at min 16hh. Great disposition, never breed, but we will be very easy to keep as a stallion. Very promising in dressage. Already broken, ready for real training. Great for breeding and/or performance stallion. Asking 20 000$ CAN, contact me for more information. See pictures in the galery section.

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