The hearth of Noble & Baroque, he’s the natural grace of the Andalusian horse.  Othello is black (heterozygote for the black gene, and with the rabicano gene), one of the few colored Andalusian stallion in the province of Quebec. 10 years old, he’s almost 15.2hh, He’s the son of the legendary black stallion: Despierto, the best PSP Andalusian of all time. Othello comes from one of the Andalusian breeding farm: Selwood Park.

Othello is in the Iberian baroque tradition with the skills and conformation for the “haute-ecole”, he also possess a great temperament and he’s known to pass that character to his foals. He’s currently in training in spanish alta escuela by Katrine Desmarais (Equimagie). Othello is also assisting clinic by Richard Lledo, Marie-Claude Bouillon (Luna Caballera), Etienne LeRoy( from France) and the great riding Master Frank Grelo. Since the haute-ecole is not a competition field, you will not see Othello in dressage competition, but you’ll see him in shows, demonstrations and perhaps on cinema. But if you can’t wait, come see him in person!

All Othello’s foals are eligible to be registered as a half-andalusian or recognized andalusian cross associations. Othello is an approved stallion by those associations.

International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association

Azteca Horse Registry of America

Spanish-Norman Horse Registry

Iberian Warmblood Registry

The stallion fee is 750$ can. for a non-iberian mare and 1150$ can. for a Iberian mare. Live foal guarantee. There’s a average fee of 100$ can for semen collection and shipping. Discount is available for breeders with more than one mare. No live cover contract will be accepted. There’s a 300$ fee for reservation (that will be deducted form the stallion fee), places are limited.

We are accepting payment with credit card using paypal.

See gallery and video sections to see Othello and his foals.

For any question, please e-mail us, we always offer the best service.

Othello’s parents:

             Despierto                                                                               Jarana TG

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