Greetings and welcome to Noble &

We are a small breeding company of
andalusian PSP horses (the abbreviation by the IALHA for Pure
Spanish Portuguese). If you follow the
above, you’ll be able to learn more about the PSP, wich is a much older
breed then the Pura Raza Espagnola or the Lusitano. If you want to
learn more about his breed, please just e-mail us.

us, they are no difference in those 3 horses, they were all the same
breed before Spain and Portugal began to fight with each other and
decided that on one side of the border, the horse would be called the
Pura Raza Espagnola, and on the other the Lusitano. Before, they were
all the same great Iberian horse, more known as the great Andalusian.

We decided not to get involved in those political fights and
concentrated ourself in the breeding and training of those great
horses. That is why we are working with the IALHA, this association
reconneized at the same level the PRE, the Lusitano and the PSP

Once you have owned a pure andalusian or
even a cross, you will never want other horse, as simple as that.
You see that often with andalusian breeder, but that not a selling thing, it’s a fact !

Our Company would not have seen the day if
we didn’t have the precious help of Frank Psaila, owner of King’s Ransom .
He gaves us the chance to get the best andalusains you could find. Our
andalusians are the results of his 41 years or research and dealing with horses
to find only the perfect ones. We would like to pursue his dream and continu to
give the best service, advice and most importantly, the best andalusian, cross
or purebred, you always dreamed of.

Once again, Welcome
to Noble & Baroque  


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